• Crédits photo : S.Fourneau
    Crédits photo : S.Fourneau

Boucle Nord - Panoramique Nord du Massif


Departure from Ruffey park following the GR76a (monks' path) to the Navois pass, in the pleasant and shady forest with its rich and varied fauna and flora.
Descent to the village of Etrigny, its stone bell tower and its vineyards. In Tallant, you can water your horses at the washhouse.
A short detour to picnic at the Reppes pond, then wide paths and a clear view of the Grison plain with its pastures and crops. The Grison bridge is an ideal place for a break by the water.
Cross the hamlet of Chalot before heading up to the Romanesque church of Saint-Martin-de-Laives with its orientation tables and panoramic view. Maybe even a glimpse of Mont Blanc...
All that's left is to go back down to the Ruffey park.