• Crédits photo : Seb Geo
    Crédits photo : Seb Geo
  • Crédits photo : Seb Geo
    Crédits photo : Seb Geo
  • Crédits photo : Comcom Saône Grosne
    Crédits photo : Comcom Saône Grosne

Site d'escalade - Etrigny

Rock climbing

A very pleasant little site, especially between autumn and spring... The South-West face quickly brings in the heat! A site that lends itself well to family climbing, with all levels represented. Around twenty routes from 4 to 7c. Some very pretty lines, but often not very homogeneous with bouldering pitches. A well-equipped site from every point of view: facilities (toilets, shelter, table, etc.), close equipment of the routes, etc. The site was developed by the communauté de communes entre Saône et Grosne. Everyone is responsible for using it and complying with the safety instructions.

Practical information :
- Climbing cliff for beginners or supervised climbers with routes of all levels from 4A to 7C.
- Bring your own equipment (rope, harness, karabiner, belay system, helmet and quickdraws).
- For more information: https://www.ffme.fr/sne-fiche/1693/
- Beware of falling rocks.
- Use of the equipment and compliance with safety instructions is the responsibility of each individual.
- No modifications or additions to the equipment are permitted.