• Crédits photo : E.Morard
    Crédits photo : E.Morard

Bar associatif Fartfelien. Dhead Shaker en concert.


Dhead Shaker is the singer/guitarist/songwriter of the stoner rock band SAAKHANS. He plays as a One Man Band under the name DHEAD. A furious folk guitar accompanied by a good tiag that sets the pace on a bewitching stompbox. A deep, husky, peaty voice that evokes Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, Mark Lanegan or Shane MacGowan... his music is fiery, bewitching, punchy, all sprinkled with a generous zest of madness. Dhead offers an explosive mix of Rock tinged with American and Irish Folk music, Blues and Rockabilly. The right mix of smooth and rough Rock'n'Folk, soaring and catchy. Dhead has recorded two albums "Golden Orchid" under the name DHEAD and "Ghost Live At Red Sofa Club" under the name DHEAD SHAKER. A next release is planned as a digital album under DHEAD SHAKER AND THE GHOST ORCHESTRA... In addition to his own compositions, this "big tattooed thing" has also adapted songs by artists such as Elvis, The Pogues, The Dubliners, The Stooges, Rory Gallagher, Johnny Cash, Demented Are Go, Steppenwolf, Dolly Parton, Danzig, Deep Purple, Hank Williams... Even if DHEAD is able to play on big and medium festival stages, as it was the case for example at Dermochrome 2010, its preferred environment remains pubs, clubhouses, private parties, any kind of place or event where exchange and human warmth are really possible. Go and discover purely acoustic covers such as "Jolene" (Dolly Parton), "can't help falling in love" (Elvis) or "the song with no name" (Shane MacGowan) directly on Noomiz or Myspace, a kind of exclusivity and gift to all those who appreciate him. "If you want guitar hero, go the wrong way, you're in the wrong shop. Here we are in the great independent valley of the flayed, ready to have your soul gushed out in the open."
Fast food on site and catering with reservation before Tuesday 27 September at 8pm: Plate of tartiflette / salad: 9€. Seasonal fruit compote: 3€.
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