• Crédits photo : E.Morard
    Crédits photo : E.Morard
  • "Duo Hâmushan" en concert

"Duo Hâmushan" en concert


"At the crossroads between East and West, the city of Istanbul stood out for six centuries for the richness of its classical and spiritual musical heritage, a synthesis of Byzantine heritage, Arab-Persian theory and Central Asian Turkish traditions.
Practised at the court of the sultans and in places where Sufi thought was disseminated (tekkes), the learned and spiritual music of the Ottoman Empire was based on a complex system of melodic modes (makam) and rhythms (usul), as well as several vocal and instrumental genres.
The Hâmushân duo will be presenting a rich repertoire of pieces composed between the 15th and 19th centuries, true masterpieces by the greatest composers of the Sultanic Court.
This programme will be played on the ney flute and the rebab (bowed fiddle), two instruments of great symbolic value in Turkish Sufi music. They will be accompanied by the bendir, a frame drum.
Catering without reservation & catering with reservation before 28/09 at 8pm:
at €8, Lahmacun, Turkish pizza with merguez, vegetables and spices.
4€, Turkish yoghurt cake.