• Crédits photo : Nature Humaine
    Crédits photo : Nature Humaine

Exposition "La Montée des Eaux"


Some of the works are available at the tourist office in Sennecey-le-Grand.
Fabienne Cresens gets as close as possible to a face, from the child to the adult, known or less known, as if it were seen for the first time. The face is naked, simple and moving.
It goes to the heart of the matter to embody a responsibility, a vigilance, an attitude towards the powerful destruction of the raging elements - torrential rains, floods, devastating winds, storms, cyclones or tsunamis. The Rising Waters is not burdened with explanatory pedagogy or cheap moral considerations. In a heady softness, it imposes a sensitive and magnetic sharpness of vision.
In its slightest jolts, its ascetic beauty, its silent revolt is the sign of a possible rebirth in the world, another step (Sylvia Botella).