• Crédits photo : E.Morard
    Crédits photo : E.Morard

"Les mots de la bouche" en concert


"Les Mots de la Bouche... glide, gush, disembark, sometimes overflow or carapat. As the songs go by, they become more colourful, carried by the harmonies and the vocal chords. Tongues don't stay in your pocket...
Three agitated glottis who whisper, chant, sing their stories from the corner of their mouths or with their throats full. Until the last clap of the jaw. Clap!"
Texts | vocals | guitars | bass : Claire Hollier & Daniel Ostfeld
Vocals | percussions : Julien Delooz

Menu :
Tapas plate / Autumn tajine / Crème brûlée.
Menu + concert at 25€.
Reservation for the meal / show until Tuesday 4 October, 8pm.
In case of remaining places, booking of the show only at 10€ from Wednesday 5th October.
Membership to fartfelien is compulsory.
Full price: 5€ / Students & unemployed: 2.5€.