• Crédits photo : lescommuns
    Crédits photo : lescommuns

Noël aux Communs 2023


Isabelle Pammachius's oribé ceramics and Maud Thiéfaine's wood-fired pieces are sober, uncluttered, rustic and at the same time delicate, alongside Béate Rönnefarth's matt and satin-finish glazed porcelain. Céline Linossier presents pieces in porcelain or stoneware on which she composes decorations using image transfers, an expression of the present day!
Sabine Orlandini's earthenware, a sculptural and utilitarian object whose graphic expression is omnipresent, questions functionality and allows us to invent new ones!

Once again, Les Communs warmly invites you to come and discover these singular universes to bring this year to a close.