• Crédits photo : E.Morard
    Crédits photo : E.Morard
  • "Trio LESCOV" en concert

"Trio LESCOV" en concert


Traditional and popular melodies from the Balkans to Russia are undoubtedly among the most beautiful in the world.
It's a veritable musical manna from which we draw to offer a concert programme marked by a wealth of contrasts:
We move from nostalgia to frenzy, from despondency to intoxication, imperceptibly but irresistibly, thanks to the art of acceleration so typical of the people of Eastern Europe.
You'll hear great Russian, Romanian and Hungarian 'standards', magnificent Slavic and Yiddish songs, and a few traditional gems found on the fringes of this legendary East, played with sincerity and virtuosity.
Catering (booking recommended before 30/11): chicken tagine.
Small plate €4.5. Large plate €9.