• Crédits photo : Le Saint-Martin
    Crédits photo : Le Saint-Martin

Le Saint Martin


For the past five years, Luc Ory, the chef of the Saint Martin, has wanted to make his own this statement by the leader of "bistronomy" Yves Camdeborde, who is convinced that in order to revive the French tradition of gastronomy, it is necessary to return to cooking in the frying pan rather than on the plate
Offering good hot, gourmet and comforting dishes is therefore at the heart of the Saint Martin's culinary identity. With the generous products of the Burgundy region, which the chef carefully selects from local and often "organic" producers, the Saint Martin offers you a cuisine that has substance and bottle, while being light, balanced and concentrated in taste, with the concern to not waste. Waste is indeed reduced to a minimum, everything that can be cooked is used; this requires a lot of work and has a cost, but it is our job!
Short and lively juices, light and tasty sauces, roasted, pan-fried, grilled or stewed local vegetables, quality meat and fish, desserts from our childhood ... Come and rediscover this cheerful, simple and generous cuisine for a moment of shared pleasure!